Top Article Directories

I’m an avid reader of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog and refer to it regularly. One post that I keep coming back to is THE Backlinking Strategy That Works. You can spend as much as $2,000 on a back linking course and you won’t get as much information as you will in this single post. (I know this from experience.) It’s not just the original post that is valuable; the comments also contain some great discussion.

Simply put, article marketing continues to be one of the best ways to accumulate inbound links to your web pages. Even after the Panda update.

So yesterday I questioned Pat’s selection of Article Directories as I found some of them to have a low Page Rank and others were either no longer accepting articles with external links or were charging a fee. Joseph Archibald (the original author of the backlinking system) replied and confirmed my suspicions – those Article Directories were the best at the time the original post was written. But as with the fluid nature of the web, some are no longer on top.

Well, the long-and-short of it is I put together a list of Article Directories with a PR of 4 or higher and included their Alexa Rank and whether or not their links are rel=”nofollow”.

Here’s the list:
Top Article Directories By Page Rank

This list is based on the Article Directory list at Directory Critic – but the original list is woefully out of date (even though I dutifully reported many of them).

Obviously rankings will change and I’m sure there are many more Article Directories out there with a PR of 4 or higher. So, let me know in the comments if you’d like to help maintain this list.